Propeller adjustment


The propeller adjustment is even more important than the motor selection. You can waste very quickly up to 20% of your precious mechanical energy by selecting wrong prop size. There is a very good training on this topic on German Page from Wilhelm Geck.

I take on, you know about n100w prop specific number. My calculations are using this numbers intensively.

In Germany Aeronaut is the singular company that supplies measurements done on their propellers. Today you can get nearly any size you wish. Therefore this is my favorite prop supplier. I have contacted this company and they gave me free for distribution the newest tables. I have add some columns to these table to make sorting easier. There are two Excel files:

  • CAM-Carbon-n100.xls       -    only CAM-Carbon
  • N100.xls                             -    all LS
  • in this ZIP Archive here.


    I have made complete design sheet for the motor LRK350-20-xx, where the prop size will be automatically selected for your individual drive requirements.